Our stabling facilities boast 3.5m x 4m stables that each have big open windows, built in feed bowls, their own electronic fan to assist in keeping the stables cool on our hot summer days & evenings as well as repel midges that may cause AHS. All the stables are very well ventilated and are treated for fly control once a week.

Our staff are expertly trained and are very aware and conscious of the horses well-being at all times. Daily temperatures are taken and recorded, weekly dipping, monthly clipping of ears and pulling of manes, regular 8 week cycle deworming, medication is administered daily where needed, continuous monitoring of behaviour patterns are noted and special wound treatment and handling is done on a daily basis.

Our recovery services are for those injured or sick horses that need continuous care and treatment and who need to recover in a quiet relaxed atmosphere and carefully monitored. We are very experienced with wound care and recovery of horses from surgeries, wounds, injuries, malnutrition, health issues, weight gain issues, abuse or mistreatment.

A therapy & Emergency area is situated at the stables where horses receive therapy from the state of the art Solarium Light designed for muscle recovery, inflammation treatment, warming up before workouts, increasing blood circulation in the horses back and spinal cord and general maintenance of healthy strong muscles. Ice boots are also available for use after hard workouts to maintain healthy tendons and ligaments. The therapy area is equipped with all the veterinary equipment necessary to control and treat serious injuries in emergency cases.

There are two arena’s at Bevlin Equestrian Centre, the main jumping arena is 50mx50m large and has quality poles & fillers for practicing to ensure the horses gain optimum exposure to a show environment. The second arena is a smaller arena of 30m x 30m is used for beginner lessons and schooling of younger horses. Arena’s are maintained twice weekly to ensure that the going is always correct for the horses and to avoid injuries. We pride ourselves in the state of our arena and its correct going.

Benches are situated along the outside of both arena’s for parents & visitors to watch lessons in comfort and are raised higher than the arena to give optimum vision to spectators. Refreshments are available on site to all riders, spectators & parents.

Weekly outrides are taken with all the Bevlin horses & riders, to ensure the mental state of both horse & rider are healthy and happy.

We pride ourselves in the service we offer and strive for excellence in everything we do. The horse’s well-being and happiness is of great importance to us and it is noticeable when you see them. Each horse is the picture of health: content & gets the extra special attention needed for optimum happiness.

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